Frequently Asked Questions

What are the technical requirements to run Power Freq?

To run Power Freq you will need:
• Windows 10, 32, or 64 bit.
• National Instruments NI-488.2 version 17.6 or higher (May work with older versions, but unvalidated).
• National Instruments GPIB-USB (controller).
• Office 2016 or higher (Only needed if downloading calibration data).

I am a manager, how do I view the data from all of my technicians?

In your desktop app (Power Freq) sign into the Online side then click “User >> My Group” and there you can view and download your data.

Are PDF data reports customized?

No, because each customer's laboratories have different requirements. Some use PDF, others use Excel to post their customer’s data to their web portals. In our experience, Excel is the easiest to work with and fit a broad range of needs. Also, Excel covers Power Freq in the fact that a technician can run an instrument once, then run an instrument 10 times which will skew the data reports and not be consistent.

How are subscriptions billed?

Every month only for what you and or your technicians use 1 month ahead. For example, if it's January, to use services for February payment must be received by February 1st.

How do I know I am using the most current version of Power Freq?

When you use the Online version the Power Freq automatically checks for and installs any new updates. The Offline version simply click “Offline >> User >> Check for Updates”. Also, click “User >> Some Info” and your Product Version is at the bottom, then compare that to the website in My Account >> Downloads

Why am I charged $125 for a subscription if my total is less than that?

You are being given unlimited data storage. This fee incorporates our costs as well, database, server space, etc.

I paid for an offline license and need to update to a new computer can I take the license with me or do I have to purchase another one?

No re-purchase is necessary. Click “My Account >> Computer Transfers” and follow all the instructions on the page and in the Power Freq app. Any purchased licenses are transferrable from one computer to another. Contact support if you have any further questions.

How are procedure listings viewed?

In the Power Freq app click “User >> Some Info”. Inside Some Info click the Procedures tab. Or if already running tests, click the Additional Info tab, there you will see it listed under Measurement Results.

How much time is saved running Power Freq?

The 33120A can be calibrated typically in about 10 min. Most items can see similar gains of 2 to 3 times faster than running it manually.

What can Power Freq do that other calibration software programs do not?

A few powerful features include running a test consecutively to give “As Found / As Left” readings, the ability to run a test down to a single test point without starting over or incurring data loss on previous results.

Do you have any plans to include uncertainty analysis in measurements?

Yes. Uncertainty analysis is being worked on and expected to be released as a routine update by the end of Summer 2021.